Mountain Suur Munamägi (about 20 km far away)

The view from the highest point of the Baltic states on the observation tower of Suur Munamägi (318 meters from the sea level) is just breathtaking.

The top of the tower is 346,7 meters from the sea level and you can view to 50 km far at the landscape of hills and lakes.


Vastseliina Bishop's Castle (about 20 km far away)

The castle (Estonian: Vastseliina piiskopilinnus) founded by Bishop of Tartu and the master of the Livonian Order in the 14th century was popular among pilgrims thanks to the miraculous cross. The Great Northern War left the castle in 1702 in ruins.

Next to the castle there is Piiri tavern (Piiri kõrts), which due to its location at former important trade route Riga-Pskov was even marked in the road maps of 1695. Nowadays it’s again open as tavern to the visitors.


Joint point of three countries (about 10 km far away)

Pullijärve is just 10 kilometres from the border of Russia and same far from Latvia. The joint point of all three countries is on the South-East of Estonia, in Parmu village, just 10 km from Pullijärve Lake.




Setoland (Estonian: Setumaa; Seto: Setomaa) is a region at South-East of Estonia and inhabited by the Seto speaking Setos. Seto language belongs to south Estonian dialect of Estonian language. Setomaa is located on territories of present day Estonia and Russia. The historical centre of Setumaa was Pechory (Russia), nowadays it’s Värska (Estonia).

Pullijärve Holiday Village is just 5 km from ethnic border of Setumaa. 30 km from Pullijärve in Obinitsa there is Seto Museum that shows the life at the end of 19th century – beginning of the 20th century: farm architecture, old tools and handicraft. It’s also interesting to have a look at tsassons – small chapels that can be found in almost every village of Setumaa.


Nipernaadi sauna

In 1982 some scenes of classical Estonian movie “Nipernaadi” were shoot at the sauna on the eastern bank of the Pullijärve Lake.

Nipernaadi sauna is well seen on the peninsula of Pullijärve Lake, where is the best place to swim.


Other interesting places

25 kilometers away from us there is up to 60 meters deep Rõuge Valley (Rõuge ürgorg). The most famous spot there is Nightingale Valley (Ööbikuorg), where you can hear nightingale song in the spring tme.

In 30 km at Piusa Valley (Piusa ürgorg) it’s worth seeing Härma Mäemine and Härma Alumine sandstone walls. Härma Mäemine which is also known as Keldri Wall is highest sandstone denudation in Estonia (43 m), Härma Alumine which is also known as Kõlksniidu Wall is 20,5 meters high and due to its multicolored layers is one of the most beautiful at Piusa Valley.

Just 10 km from Pullijärve Holiday Village there is Rogosi manor (Rogosi mõis), which includes small history museum open for visitors in summer season.

Military fans can drive 28 km to Lativa, near Zeltini, where Soviet nuclear missile base is open for tourists.