Beside Pullijärve Holiday Village we also offer accommodation in Kimalase Forrest House (Kimalase metsamaja) which is nearby.

Kimalase Forest House is located in Misso Parish, in Kimalase village, two kilometers from Riga-Pskov highway.

You wish to rest with you family or small company in the total privacy? This is possible in Kimalase Forest House located on the bank of Hino Lake, in the most beautiful nature!

You can spend romantic nights just by the light from the fireplace in the house without electricity. Roof deck has room for 4 persons and fireplace hall for 2 persons. There are also camp site for tents, grill-house with outdoor kitchen, hot tub, trampoline and campfire. You can also rent boats, water bikes and canoes.

The house has heating and can be used round the year. Nearby there are camping trails and in the forest there is plenty of mushrooms and berries. From the terrace of the house there is a great view at big Hino Lake, which has seven small islands where many birds nest, rare diver among them.


  • Forest House: 75 euros
  • Tent place at camp site: 5 euros

Other services

  • Grill-house with outdoor kitchen (charcoal, tableware, gas stove) for person staying in Forest House: 10 euros
  • Grill-house with outdoor kitchen (without Forest House): 40 euros
  • Hot tub: 60 euros
  • Canoe: 20 euros
  • Boat: 20 euros
  • Power generator: 6 euros + the price of petrol
  • Catering upon reservation and price agreed.

The prices are for day, each next day is with 10% discount. Bedding, towels and tableware is included in the price.